Leave Window Installation to the Pros in Monroe, NC

Leave Window Installation to the Pros in Monroe, NC

Choose us for window installation done right the first time

Installing windows may seem like a fun weekend DIY project, but an improper installation could expose your home to damage. Hire the experts at J Travis Swaim Construction, LLC in Monroe, NC to ensure your windows are installed correctly.

Our professional window installers can suggest different window types to match your style and budget. We’ll make sure your windows are fitted and sealed the right way. Call us today at 704-618-6718 for a free estimate.

The most common window designs

What type of window design would work best in your property? Here are the most common options:

  • Double-hung windows: The bottom slides up to open the unit.
  • Casement windows: A crank swings the window outward to open.
  • Picture windows: They usually don’t open.

Reach out to us today to learn more about each window design option.